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Green Energy Pours Our Strength Into The World

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Green Energy Pours Our Strength Into The World

On August 31, the World Smart Energy Week of Japan, held by Reed Exhibitions Japan Co., Ltd., was grandly held at the Mubara Exhibition Hall in Chiba, Japan. World Smart Energy Week is one of the largest, most professional and influential international renewable energy industry exhibitions in Japan and even in Asia. The exhibition has become a trading platform for developing Japan, the world's second largest renewable energy market, and the growing Asian renewable energy market.


As one of the most famous green energy exhibitions in the world, Japan International Smart Energy Week in 2022 attracted about 1200 exhibitors, and the three-day exhibition attracted about 50000 visitors. Distributors, traders, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and technical service providers in the global energy industry, as well as professional and technical personnel and academic researchers, all attended the exhibition.

Gathered Energy Stack G-Power Dressed Up To Attend The Exhibition

At this exhibition, many upstream and downstream enterprises in the energy storage industry chain made brilliant appearances. Shenzhen Juneng Stack Energy Co., Ltd. attended this international industry event for the first time. The booth is located in the secondary battery hall E8-36. It exhibited a number of ternary, lithium iron outdoor power supplies, and home energy storage systems. It showed its style at the exhibition and attracted great attention from global brand and channel merchants.


Founded in 2022, G-Power is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Uteri Energy Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with production bases in Shenzhen and Ji'an. G-Power is a product and solution provider that focuses on the research, development, production, sales and service of energy storage products. Its product lines cover photovoltaic energy storage systems, outdoor energy storage power stations, container energy storage, smart battery packs, mobile power supplies, etc., and are sold in more than 20 countries. The company has professional scientific research personnel, complete industrial layout, advanced production equipment, and standardized production process. We are committed to providing ODM/OEM services for world-famous brands and large chain supermarkets. At present, the products are exported to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other global markets, and long-term cooperation has been reached with Walmart, Energizer, Audi, Ravpower, Bestbury and other international famous brands.


Gathering Stack G-Power Was Warmly Welcomed By The Audience

With less than one hour of activity, the crowd surged and the whole venue burst. G-Power portable energy storage products, with their excellent appearance and exquisite design, became the focus of attention in this exhibition at one stroke. Chinese and foreign customers have moved to the stage of G-Power.

At the exhibition, G-Power staff patiently explained to each customer. The super performance and excellent quality of G-Power portable energy storage answer all kinds of questions raised by them and enter into every customer's heart.

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At this exhibition, G-Power exhibited a full range of products from 300Wh to 2000Wh, covering various systems of lithium iron phosphate and ternary materials. At the same time, it can realize - 40 degree discharge and quickly recover the power through solar panels outdoors. Equipped with the latest electronic hardware solution, the maximum charging power is 2400W, the maximum AC output power is 5000Wh, and the USB-C output is 100W. The battery adopts the self-developed cell of the parent company, with an ultra-long cycle life of 4000+times and an internal resistance of less than 0.5 milliohm. While the technology is reliable, stable and advanced, the product matrix is also very powerful, and the selectivity is very rich.

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In terms of product design and exhibition hall design, G-Power never forgets its ingenuity. Each square meter is meticulously carved to ensure the ultimate experience of every visitor.

Gathering Stack G-Power Is Dedicated To The World With Our Original Intention

Adhering to the core values of "openness, altruism and win-win", G-Power is committed to the mission of "bringing green energy to everyone, every family and every organization, and helping global sustainable development". With the vision of "becoming the most trusted green energy stack for global users", G-Power is committed to making unremitting efforts to cope with the global climate crisis.

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Through this exhibition, face to face technical exchanges and cooperation negotiations with local enterprises in Japan will explore more electricity demand scenarios in the Japanese market, which will greatly help the subsequent development and iteration of new products. We will continue to strengthen the vertical industrial chain layout and technological innovation in the future to bring more competitive products to global customers.

SHENZHEN GNZ ENERGY CO., LTD. (GNZENERGY) is a professional product and solution provider focusing on research and development.

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